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NO WAVE 2008.08.27 13:36

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directed by Daniel B Gold

and Judith Helfand

NOISE (2007) directed by Henry Bean

BOY IN THE BUBBLE (2006) directed by Barak Goodman

ORIGINAL CHILD BOMB (2004) directed by Carey Schonegevel

BLUE VINYL (2002) directed By Judith Helfand and Daniel B. Gold

HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH (2001) directed by John Cameron Mithcell


 Hedwig 중 "Origin of Love"

KEEPING SOUND directed and produced by Christianna Hannum

GOLDEN THREADS (1999) a videotape by Lucy Winer and Karen Eaton

TALKING TRASH (1997) a film by Jennifer & Leslie Schwerin

DEATH BY DESIGN (1995) directed by Peter Friedman and Jean-François Brunet

TELL ME SOMETHING I CAN’T FORGET (1993) a film by Diane Garey & Larry Hott

SAFE IN THE CITY (2003) a Mile End Films

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