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The Raincoats

NO WAVE 2010.03.17 14:24

The Raincoats
The Raincoats (2009 Remastering)

1. Fairytale in the Supermarket
2. No Side to Fall In
3. Adventures Close to Home
4. Off Duty Trip
5. Black and White
6. Lola
7. The Void
8. Life On the Line
9. You're a Million
10. In Love
11. No Looking

I really don’t know much about The Raincoats except that they recorded some music that has affected me so much that whenever I hear it I’m reminded of a particular time in my life when I was (shall we say) extremely unhappy, lonely and bored. If it weren’t for the luxury of putting on that scratchy copy of The Raincoats’ first record, I would have had very few moments of peace.

(Kurt Cobain, Nirvana, June 1993)

It was The Raincoats I related to most. They seemed like ordinary people playing extraordinary music. Music that was natural that made room for cohesion of personalities. They had enough confidence to be vulnerable and to be themselves without having to take on the mantle of male rock/punk rock aggression…or the typical female as sex symbol avec irony or sensationalism.
(Kim Gordon, Sonic Youth,1993)

1970년대 Post-punk씬은 여성 운동의 중심에 있었다. Vicky Aspinall, Gina Birch, Ana Da Silva와 The Slits의 Palmotive가 초기 멤버들였다. 1979년 Rough Trade에서 "Fairytale In The Supermarket " 싱글로 데뷔한다. 셀프 타이틀 The Raincoat로 첫앨범을 발매한다. 70년대 개러지 사운드와 레게음악을 접목한 이들의 독특한 사운드로 포스트펑크 여성 밴드의 명반으로 남는다. 그러나 이 앨범은 리이슈되지 않고 그동안 남아 있었으나 2009년 리마스터링 재발매 되었다. 특히 Kinks의 곡을 그들의 사운드로 리메이크한 6번째곡 Lola는 너무도 사랑스럽다. 2009년 재결성하여 몇 번의 공연과 패스티발에 참여했으니 공연을 못보는 안타까움이 있다.

CD에서 직접 추출하여 분리한 뮤직비디오
Raincoats - Fairytale In The Supermarket.

Raincoats - Live Deptford Albany, London 1979

Raincoats - Live Warsaw, Poland 1978

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