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Potential and Inability

NO WAVE 2017.08.10 13:08

Potential and Inability

Sometime we define difference perspective about what potentiality represent.

One of originate questions is Greek's philosopher Aristotle. He described potentiality and non-potentiality in writing <Ethica Nicomachea>. Potentiality is involved in reality and non-potentiality is not meaning opposite against potentiality. The subject can go out to reality during postpone non-potentiality. Potentiality is the way in which being is sovereignty self-centered. In repeat, it advanced existence and no definition of existence beside originate potentiality. In other words, something other than a unique potential cannot be preceded or defined in existence. It is the sovereignty of reality that is realized by elimination of self-potential and self-devotion.


Inability is beside power/competence to missing, deprived state of enforcement/incompetence. If eye to see out-sight is reality of seeing ability, eye will head to the object which is not reality, itself to the way when absence of the object in the dark. This is kind of teleology. What is ability of inability? The subject who has potential keeps up potential with denial of reality by him/herself. It is symbolized ability/(in)ability of ‘~not’ or (non) potential.

Aristotle also argues about force that is ‘dynamic’ of potential. It is the kind of ability that possession, skills ‘hexis’. Potential power is ability of not and reservation of actions. Power exists in the form of skill ‘hexis’, in the form of dominance over lacking. Inability is a force that ~not be avoided, a force that ~not move. Then human can own their abilities. The men who existing owns something else, can not only recognize own inability, but own abilities that way. It is appropriate potential. 

The thinking is unconscious and labor is doing nothing. Creative is somewhere between ability and inability. It is kind of tension relationship that between power of action or resistance and deniable power. This is a kind of tension relationship that remains tight between the forces that can act or resist and the denial forces. It is the ability to do something, but not to do it at the same time. The force that ~not be done is the resistance that exists inside the force ~doing. It makes it possible for the force to become self-sufficient in its own inability to look at itself, stopping it from merely transitioning to action. This is stopping. 

This is the quiescent state of the force. Just as the language has the power to stop and the display to be the poem, painting is the stop and exhibition of the power of gaze. -Giorgio Agamben-

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